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Escort or place card | Brush lettering on kraft tent

Escort or place card | Brush lettering on kraft tent

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  • Features modern and romantic brush lettering in black ink
  • Options
    • First name only
    • First + last name
    • First and last name + table number
    • First and last name + table number + meal indicator on back (single letter)

Place cards vs. Escort cards

  • Place cards
    • Include name only 
    • Typically are in addition to a seating chart and are placed at the table 
    • Help ensure guests can sit with their spouse/children; help guests avoid confusion/moving seats once they arrive at the table
  • Escort cards
    • Include name and table number
    • Typically take the place of a seating chart and place card
    • Guests find their card and carry it into the reception to locate their table


  • First, congratulations! I am so looking forward to bringing your vision to life and am honored to play a part in your special day.
  • Place your order for the number of place cards needed.
  • I will reach out via the email you provide at check out within 24 hours for the information needed for your place cards.
  • Will ship 10-14 business days after we exchange the names list. 
  • If you have any questions about the process, turnaround time, custom colors, etc., please don't hesitate to reach out!